I  first got my motorcycle license in 1992 and rode a Suzuki 400 Sport bike. In 2013, I decided to buy a Harley Heritage Softail the perfect cruiser for a woman. I wanted to complete the motorcycle course which I never taken. Unfortunately due to the teaching style of the Motorcycle training school I didn't make it through the "Parking Lot training"; I was told that I could not be taught to ride properly. I was extremely frustrated and upset. I found another motorcycle school and completed the course on a Honda 250. I felt more comfortable on a motorcycle but needed to experience training on my own Bike. My boyfriend found Ron through Craig's List; we called Ron.  He asked excellent questions on my experiences riding and set to work on slow riding practice. After 3 lessons with Ron in the parking lot I was able to ride through the Slalom, U-turns, Figure 8’s, stop and turn, circles (starting out large and ended up small) and had the confidence to love my bike! The last lesson was a road ride with Ron through Surrey and Langley through the backroads. Ron stopped along the way to explain a technique and go over a correction in riding or "road rule". Ron is patient, has an excellent teaching style, and is always unflappable even when the teaching exercise was taking longer for me to learn. When I was frustrated, Ron always knew when to change up the exercise to something different or a bit easier to manage and then would go back to the exercise I was having trouble with. I would highly recommend Ron for private lessons and plan to take a "Rusty Rider" lesson in the spring before "Motorcycle Season" starts as a refresher course.

Thanks Ron, you're the best! You made me a confident, safe rider and I can't thank you enough.

Have a great summer; see you in the spring.

P. Campbell (2006 Heritage Softail


Ron from Rusty Riders was an amazing coach and teacher, not only did he help my gain confidence in controlling my bike, but also on the road.. His one on one course really helped elevate my riding ability, and his teaching really helped me pass my test... I paid for an $800 course that not only did not give me the one one one training and attention I thought I paid for, but I learned more in my one two hour session with Ron that all in cost me under $200 then I did in my whole "other" course.. I would highly recommend Ron from Rusty Rider, not only is he very professional but also personable, thanks Ron.

Kind regards,



The riding I did was sport bike, and the riding I do today crosses over between sport bike, hard tail pro-street chopper, and my most recent acquisition, a Harley Davidson Road King.  Having never ridden a bike as heavy as a Road King, I have found it unusually challenging getting comfortable with slow speed riding and parking lot u-turns. 

There is no question that Ron is an expert in this field. Being skilled and technically competent is one thing.  Being able to translate that into a meaningful and satisfying experience for a student is a totally different matter.  Ron is very enthusiastic about teaching, and makes you feel like the most important person in the world to him when you share those two hours together.

When I started being able to maneuver the bike in a way that I did not think possible, I swear that Ron was happier than I was, which is really saying something. 

I would recommend Ron to anybody looking for competent teaching at the highest level, or just a simple tune up to dust off the cobwebs.  Go in with an open mind, and you will ride away with new found skills you did not think possible.

Jason    2007 Road King Police


I am extremely lucky to have Ron as my instructor, the personal one on one was great and he not only teaches you to pass the test but teaches you actually to ride professionally and safe which to me is a key in getting your Class 6. I will continue to take advanced courses with him to become the best rider on the road.  Ron sticks with you and committed to you getting your license.

Also the wonderful fact that he works around your schedule is a huge plus as my work is shift hours which can be somewhat of a challenge.

Chad B.

2009 Harley Softail deluxe


What a great way to spend the morning, two hours out of your day but skills you will keep for the rest of your life.  You cannot beat one to one instruction, all of Ron's attention is on you and nobody else.  No more being afraid of parking lots, if I see a spot it's mine.  People will spend five, $600 on a helmet and not think twice about it, thousand dollars on leathers no problem , so why not spend a small portion of that and become a better rider.  Money well spent I think.  Thanks again Ron.

Dean C.

KLX 250/ Vulcan Nomad. (2014)



“Your service saved me time and money! With a couple of lessons I was confident going into my skills and road tests, passing both easily. Never mind feeling safer on the road. It was a pleasure and a lot of fun working with you.”

Regards, Randy (2012 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Limited)


In 1978, when I got my Class 6, my motorcycle licence test only involved going around a few pylons, accelerating in a straight line and braking. Since I could do both, I got my class 6.  Though I could ride after a fashion and felt reasonably comfortable on a bike, cornering and other basic skills remained a challenge.

Thirty-five years later, I longed to ride again.   To be safe, I took a basic motorcycle training course in North Vancouver.  I learned to look where I wanted to go in a turn, how to stop in a turn, some slow-speed manouevres, and how to pay attention to hazards, such as left-turning vehicles.  Riding a bike was now much more enjoyable than it had ever been.  Even so, my cornering and slow-speed execution was erratic—sometimes fairly smooth, but also at many other times, awkward and tentative.  So when I heard about Rusty Riders at Trev Deeley’s in Vancouver, I gave Ron a call.

Ron is an excellent teacher.  Though his beautiful Harley Ultra starts with an authoritative bark, he himself is gentle and efficient in his instructions.  He quickly set up turning exercises in a parking lot, and within a short time, my figure 8s and tight turns had improved enough, that I occasionally even scraped my floorboards—a sign of being at the bike’s maximum lean angle.  I was very proud, and Ron too seemed pleased, though he cautioned me about “getting cocky.”

He was right.  Even "knowing" e.g. that you need to keep your revs up in slow turns, doesn’t mean that you won’t lose your nerve at times. Constant practice is essential to reinforce new skills.

Ron also made me more conscious of the need to take the “command lane” while riding in traffic.  I even learned (from watching him ride) to square my shoulders and straighten my back, like a proper motorcycle officer.

The two hours I spent with Ron were extremely helpful, and I plan to take another refresher course from him next summer.

T. Kosub  (2013 Heritage Softail) (July 2014)