Rusty Riding

Motorcycling is a lifelong learning experience

​​​We will cover topics such as:

​Starting and Stopping

Slow speed riding

​Lane position

Space management


​Confidence and Attitude

​Eye Lead Time

Observation Skills

​Scanning Skills

​Emergency Braking Skills

​Recognizing Hazards

Freeway/Highway Riding

​Laws and Regulations

​Safety and Being Visible

Whether you commute, ride locally for enjoyment or want to experience touring the country, let me show you how to control your motorcycle so you can get the most out of your ride everyday.  Riding in heavy traffic can be stressful, but if you project confidence and show other drivers that you know what you are doing, they also feel more comfortable and pick up on your communication skills.

Let me show you how to do safe confident turns out into traffic, how to turn your motorcycle without "duck walking it" and handle your motorcycle in slow speed situations under control all the time. Slow speed skills are problems for most riders and it is important to have a good base of these skills because we use them everyday in our riding.